reviews, tests & hands-ons

Here’s a brief update to the direction the blog shall take.

Reviews, Tests, Rezensionen: Wir sehen ganz genau hin!

Reviews, Tests, Hands-ons: We look very closely!

I’m planning on adding (more) tests and reviews to the blog.
This means we’ll be testing gear and accessories as well as reviewing books, DVDs and alike.

However, this shall not be the case in a huge scale but more homeopathic.
Light(in)former is not gonna become a customer portal or a testing site. The category will be an added bonus. And to be honest: It’s not totally new to the blog.

I however want to say something about the “rules of the game” right here.
I’ll be testing products I’m interested in. I won’t care much how I got them. So I’ll be taking or maybe even requesting review samples for free. Without any remorse.

However, wht I will NOT do is let my judgement be corrupted by the way how I got the goods. Each will go through the same very hard judgement, no matter if it’s bought or free.

As some of you may already have noticed my reviews are often very detailed, very critic and nearly “picky”. This won’t change. Please be aware, that a critique on a detail doesn’t mean the whole product is bad. I always assume I have the perfect product and every point of critique eats up a little bit from this. That’s how you can image the judgement.


Example: The Sun-Sniper gained 8 out of 10 "flashes".

Update: Meanwhile all the more recent tests & reviews got a rating scale. Somewhat according to the blog-title every product can gain a maximum score of 10 “flashes”. Every bigger flaw or several minor ones will eat up one or more of these maximum flashes. The gained flashes are marked red (and bigger).

Besides that, all my tests & reviews are always and explicitly subjective. MY opinion. Please refer always to all conclusions to be just PART of your decision process. Please do always form your OWN opinion!


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